Green Ivy Summer Camp 2017

Our camp is fun, energetic, and filled with play, friendship, and hands-on learning. Our staff are made up of Green Ivy teachers and camp counselors who have been with us in prior years. Each day is filled with a mix of creative, active, social and intellectual experiences for the perfect balance. And each day ends with a bubble dance party!


Weekly Themes

Campers will explore the deep blue sea this week through stories and activities! From learning about life under the sea to visiting the BPC Seaglass Carousel, our young explorers will gain a new perspective about the world that surrounds them.

Campers will create, experiment, and participate in the science of all things that Snap, Crackle, and Pop!

Campers will be creatively stimulated by the incredible architecture that surrounds them. From One World Trade Center to the Empire State Building, our little imaginative thinkers will build, create, and explore the structures that make up our city.

Campers will make their own healthy snacks, and learn how to keep their bodies nourished and strong! From Battery Urban Farm to our own garden on the patio, campers will develop a green thumb!

Campers will be outdoor explorers this week, learning about a variety of jungle animals. Battery Park Montessori will be transformed into a jungle for our little campers to learn, create, and explore!

"Rain or Shine" come out to the big show! Hats will be tossed into the ring by the end of this week when campers tumble, play, and create their own spectacular circus.

From birds, planes, and kites, campers will explore everything that takes flight! We'll build, we'll fly, and we'll experiment this week.

Campers prepare for a trip around the world this week, exploring the arts, sports, and customs. Unique snapshots from cities and countries across the globe will be explored – from the jungles of the Amazon to the islands of Japan.

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